One Eyed Jack


We get many requests for blends and over time one came up over and over again, a good coffee based red meat seasoning. One of the reasons we haven't had one is quite simple, we've tried many of the commercially and locally available coffee rubs and quite frankly didn't like them. They were always too one dimensional or just tasted like burnt coffee to us. So we decided to go ahead any try and make one we liked. And now after many attempts we think we have the one. One Eyed Jack.

So what did we do differently? We used a mild espresso blend, not just some nondescript dark roasted coffee. Plus we added a sweetness to balance out the espresso, non-GMO brown sugar. We combine these with a mild ancho chili, garlic, onion, smoked paprika, cumin and kosher salt in handmade, small batches to create a mouthwatering deep, rich blend that won’t over power. One Eyed Jack adds layers of flavor to steaks, tri tip, roasts, and even chicken or pork. We also didn't want anything "hot". To that end, you'll notice our One Eyed Jack contains no cayenne pepper or even black pepper.  

Gold Medal Winner at the 2016 Sonoma County Harvest Fair Professional Food Competition!

Ingredients: Brown sugar, ground espresso, ancho chili, kosher salt, garlic, smoked paprika, onion, cumin

Available in 1 oz resealable bag, 2.2 oz net weight bottle or 20 oz plastic bottle. Custom sizes available.

Gluten Free and Vegan.


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