A special announcement! We've decided to move on to another chapter in life and retire. We thank you for all of your support over the years!

About Us

Berkmans SpicesPhil and Heidi Schneider opened Berkmans Spices in September 2014.  Phil started out his career as a bus boy in a prime rib steak house in Maryland.  This is where he found his love for food, really good food. He worked his way up the food chain to managing several restaurants.   About 10+ years later, he was ready for a change.  His path took him into the information technology (IT) field where he managed IT for high end restaurants and corporate franchises, combining both of his passions. 

Phil took the leap from the corporate world to start up Berkmans Spices.  The night before Phil and Heidi opened their doors for the first time at a farmers market, the Sonoma County Harvest Fair award winners were announced.  We had entered four spice blends for the first time. Berkmans won 2 Double Gold medals, 1 Gold and 1 Silver.  If you believe in signs, you know this is a good one.   And, since we were new to this, we had to ask… “What does Double Gold mean?”  It means that judges thought it was the best of the best. Again, there’s your sign.

If you are wondering about the name, Berkman is a family name. It brings back memories of good food and family. Heidi is the creator of catchy names and spice collaborator.

Berkmans Spices awarding winning blends can be found at Oliver’s Market throughout Sonoma County, the Made Local Marketplace, local farmers markets and online at www.berkmansspices.com.